8 Tips To Help You Keep A Positive Mindset

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8 Tips To Help You Keep A Positive Mindset.

These inspired 8 tips will hopefully help YOU keep the new healthier and safer YOU!

  • Use negativity to remind you to concentrate on things that make YOU happy.
  • Make it a habit to look for the goodness in Yourself, others and your surroundings.  Instead of just sitting down and eating a meal, stop and notice who you are with.  Express your gratitude for them & their support
  • Spread the positive vibes!  Leave positive themed sticky notes for the others! Every smile is an achievement.  Doing these random acts of kindness will make you feel better too.
  • Be aware of Yourself, be present. – we refer to this also as being mindful.  Slow your pace.  Taste the food & notice the texture.
  • Don’t let fear hold YOU back! Confront it and move on!  Think about it.  When you are afraid or scared, what do you typically do?  FREEZE , every muscle tenses up.   Are you afraid of being success on this program?
  • Take the time to let Your mind wonder and daydream.  This is where meditation helps.  By clearing your mind for brief moments each day, you allow new ideas to enter your thoughts.
  • Start a blessing journal, document Your positive progress.  Simply writing down your thoughts and feelings, getting things ‘’off your chest “ is so relieving.  Give it a try.  Just start writing and see what comes up and out and on the paper.  ** If you find there are a lot of negative thoughts coming up.  Don’t believe or identify with the thoughts. They are not you, nor are they true facts. They are just thoughts.
  • Be the change agent for Yourself and see the changes around you!

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