Losing Weight Isn’t Just about the Number on the Scale

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Losing weight isn’t just about pounds on the scale. It’s easy to get obsessed by those numbers. We want to see movement every day but let’s look at the whole picture. If the numbers on the scale aren’t moving by leaps and bounds, does that mean you are failing? Let’s take a look at other changes that happen and scream success sometimes more than the numbers on the scale.  

You may be losing inches. Honestly ask yourself, do I notice a change in the way my clothes fit? Do I need a belt with my pants now or was I able to move my belt a notch? Does my shirt not blouse out at the bottom like it used to?  

What’s your energy like? Is it easier to climb that flight of stairs at work? Are you able to park further away from that store than you used to? Did you chase your toddler around the house today without getting out of breath as easily?  

Is it getting easier to make healthier choices? Are you snacking less in front of the television in the evening? Did you go for a walk instead of eating a candy bar after that argument with your spouse? Did you listen to a podcast or a youtube recording that taught you how to live more boldly?  

We are an instant gratification society. We can have dinner in 5 minutes; fast forward through a 2 hour movie; get information at our fingertips. When it comes to weight loss, be patient with yourself. This is a long game NOT a magic spell. Yes, we want to see the numbers on the scale move, but don’t get obsessed with only that. Look at the big picture. Be honest with yourself; ask the tough questions. And above all else, remember that you have a number of resources available to you including Wendi’s Monday night calls, podcasts on our website, your manual and your coaching staff. You do you! At your pace, in your way and before you know it the NEW you will appear.  

Published January 2022 IHC of Charlottesville, Dr. Kirk Childers

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