Weight Loss Happens In The Kitchen Not The Gym



At IHC, we often hear clients say when they first come in: “I’m working out almost every day, but my weight won’t budge.” What many people don’t realize is that learning to eat right–and sticking to their plan is a much bigger challenge when it comes to shedding extra pounds and changing the shape of your body. Exercises is good for you, your heart, your joints & muscles and even your mood…but it is NOT the key to weight loss.  You can kill yourself in the gym, sweating through an hour or more of cardio daily and lifting weights until you drop. But the results aren’t going to show if there’s a layer of fat sticking around due to a poor diet.

Here’s what we say at IHC, “ You cannot out exercise poor nutrition.”  If you want to slim down and tone up, eating a clean, anti-inflammatory, healthy diet must be top priority.  We occasionally receive emails saying, “I’m stuck, my weight isn’t moving, what am I doing wrong?”  And many immediately want to start some form of exercise to ‘burn more calories’ … wait before going that route.

These guidelines are a good place to start:

  1. Eat all 3 meals day. Each should include:  protein, vegetables & fruits (carbohydrates) and good, healthy fats.  To keep portion sizes in check, remember it is best to measure weight your portions.  But if you are eating out or at someone else house, the protein is about the size of your palm, while a serving of carbs should fit in your cupped hand or about the size of a baseball.
  2. Choose sources wisely. When picking protein, choose lean sources such as chicken, tuna, salmon, turkey, and egg whites. Complex carbs should come from fruits, vegetables and specifically only those listed in your manual. These listed foods have been selected specifically because of their nutrients and fiber will help keep your blood sugar levels balanced and keep your appetite in check by making you feel fuller longer.
  3. Include healthy fats. Not all fat is bad! Choose healthy fats such as avocado oil, olive oil, coconut oil, nuts and avocados. You can also try sprinkling chia seeds or flax seeds stir them into your morning smoothie, for extra omega-3s. Always measure out no more than 2 servings per meals.
  4. NEVER skip meals. Avoiding food may seem like a smart way to lose weight because you’re not hungry , right? In reality, you are starving yourself & it forces your metabolism to slow. When you’re eating right, your body will burn your body fat as fuel.  It’s important to eat all of your daily meals. Be prepared and take food with you if you have to be away from home or the office.
  5. One of the best things you can do to clean your diet is to replace unhealthy beverages with water. Sipping pure H2O throughout the day will keep you hydrated while also keeping your body systems running smoothly. Miss flavor? Add Berry, Lemon Drop or Orange Valencia stevia drops to your water bottle. If you have access to alkaline water drink this or at least spring water.
  6. Anyone who has gone through our program knows we supply supplements at the beginning of their programs. These supplements help fill in “nutrient gaps” that all our clients have due to the restricted or poor eating habits they had before starting IHCs program.  Once you have been on the program just a few weeks, eating as described above, most, if not, all the ‘’nutrient gaps’’ are filled.  Which is why we tapper the supplements down as you progress through the program.  Your body’s cells are happy and working efficiently.  Supplements can still be helpful but not necessary to maintain your weight loss.  If you’d like to hear more about what supplements we feel are important to continue after you have hit your weight loss goals, email [email protected] and we can set up a call.
  7. It’s amazing the results that can be achieved when you simply use whole foods for a healthy diet. Many people want to exercise when they start to feel more energy, for the benefits of exercising mentioned above.  Again, regular exercise is very important for overall health, it’s just not necessary to lose weight.  If you want to include exercising while on your weight loss journey, please, let your health coaches at IHC know this and they can provide you with the recommended foods and plan to help you.
  8. Remember, change won’t happen overnight, but be consistent and you’ll see and feel the difference. Give your body time to heal from the inside out.  The foundation for a healthier you is being created under your skin before it is obvious on the outside.

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