Why The Tortoise REALLY Won the Race.

tortoise & hare


We have all heard the story of the race between the tortoise & the hare.  Most of you recall that the hare was easily winning and decide to take a nap.  While the hare was sleeping the tortoise passed the hare and won the race.  But did you know WHY the hare took a nap?

It’s almost September!  We’re gearing up for fall or you know what that means? Kids start to go back to school ! There’s a lot happening right now; schedules will be shifting around.  Moms and dads suddenly get a second career driving taxi service for their kids.   The nice balance achieved during the summer is going to feel uneven for a while.  The slow & steady of summer gets turned on its head emotionally, physically & physiologically.  These are all interlinked, how we feel physically and physiologically can absolutely impact how we feel psychologically.

This time of year, the roller coaster affects everything from our mood to our food(choices).  Believe it or not, even if you’re not diabetic, your blood sugar levels shift down when you are stressed.    And when blood sugar levels drop, your energy drops & you might be tempted to reach for something to give you a burst of energy and the cycle begins.  Its critical to have prepared for this in planning meals and mealtimes as well as snacks.

The recommended mantra for the next few weeks while things get a little rough schedule wise is “slow & steady wins the race”.   As we’re moving into a busier season of life it’s extremely important to find balance.  It’s important to remember everyone is built differently and responds differently to different foods AND drinks

One example of this is the non-nutritive sweeteners (like Splenda, Apartame, the blue packets, the yellow & the pick packets) We don’t love the health ramifications of these non-nutritive sweeteners at all.  But some people feel it in the moment when they drink it and some people don’t.  If you are consuming drinks with these types of sweeteners it is important to pay attention to how you feel afterwards.  Notice energy levels, headaches, or sugar craving increases.

Another possibility as we get to feeling uneven and low energy sometimes, we reach for those protein bars or protein drinks thinking these are good choices but these can have those artificial sweeteners too.  Many times, they actually have real sugars in them.  Just because it says ‘’protein bar’’ doesn’t mean it’s a good choice. Remember to read ALL the ingredients list.  Most people know this but remember, the ingredients listed closer to the top are those that are highest in content.

We get a lot questions about glycemic index and glycemic loads.  This is why we have the list prepared for you already in your manuals.  Sticking to this list is the easiest way to stay in the safe zone glycemically. 😊

One of the biggest things people reach for these days to get that extra burst of energy is the Energy Drinks.  A lot of these drinks have upwards of 500 mg of caffeine it’s no wonder you get an instant buzz from these drinks!  1 cup of coffee has 95 mg, and a cup of tea has anywhere from 20 to 70 mg depending on the brew and how long it’s steeped for.   500 is astronomical for anyone.  Remember this is ‘borrowed’’ energy and eventually your body will have to repay it ack in the form of a ‘crash’ physically & physiologically…and remember they are all connected so it will cost you emotionally whether you realize it or not.

Here’s our recommendations to win the race slow & steady.  1st and foremost eating small amounts of protein throughout the day can help you radically.  Protein helps to stabilize our blood sugar it helps to keep us even keel through the day. Even a small amount of protein every 3 to 4 hours is really important.  2nd – have a really good breakfast with protein (& all the components) are 90% less likely to have cravings in the afternoon and evening.  3rd – make sure that you’re hydrated.  If you are not a fan of water it is a good idea to infuse your water with fresh lemon, lime, strawberry (or fruit) so that you can make sure that you’re hydrated because when you are dehydrated the reality is you will feel sluggish, you will feel apathetic, you can in general just feel yucky. When you are hydrated it will absolutely help you feel more even keel.

The hare simply didn’t plan for the race that day.  He didn’t eat a good breakfast; he was not well hydrated and reached for the artificially sweetened and highly caffeinated drink to help him get through the race.  The next thing he knew he ‘crashed” and had to take a nap.  That’s why the tortoise won the race😊

By not planning his day & preparing for the busy day ahead, the hare was caught in highs & lows of the day which made it easier for him to make the wrong food or drink choices.  Remember everything is connected, physically & chemically & emotionally.

Maybe this is a stretch but it’s our hope that this will help you remember to take good care of yourself because you’re actually the only one who can.  Keep yourself balanced physically mentally emotionally and psychologically.  It’s up to you.

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