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Natural Weight Loss

As soon as you enter our comfortable office at Integrative Health Center of Charlottesville for your initial consultation, your weight loss transformation begins. Our passionate and loving team starts with your weight loss strategy session, uncovering your body’s resistance (sometimes hidden) to weight loss. Then based on your goals and health history, Dr. Childers’ team creates your customized 3-P Protocol Program™ that’s tailor-made for fast, sustainable weight loss, your body’s unique needs, and your busy lifestyle. IHC’s Weight Loss plan finally brings an effective, new and unique approach to weight loss that helps our patients lose up to one pound of fat per day and keep it off.

Integrative Weight Loss has developed these amazing, all natural & safe results by approaching your goals with multi-faceted weight-loss strategy.  During your consultation, Dr. Childers or one of our highly trained team members will uncover your body’s hidden barriers to losing weight(fat) and create a custom plan for you that will accelerate your weight loss fast.

Your body wants to be healthy and with the Integrative Weight loss program you’ll heal from the inside out.  Not only can you lose up to one pound of fat per day and keep it off, but many of our patients also experience improved sleep, more libido & energy and fewer aches and pains in their joints and muscles, and reduced stress levels.

Say “No” to the hyped-up fad diets, or low-calorie starvation diets? Call Integrative Weight Loss today and ask to schedule your complimentary consultation & body composition analysis and get your customized weight loss program started today.

Address Your Health with Proper Diet and Nutrition

Improving your health starts a personal commitment to change. Once you’ve decided to get healthy then getting the right diet and nutrition plan is imperative.  Back that up with a super support team & you are destined to succeed. Your body is such a finely tuned well-oiled machine, it responds immediately to the food you consume.   Just like if you put a low grade gasoline into a race car. The car would immediately not perform at its best. If you’ve ever noticed that a single day of eating can make you feel yucky, then imagine what a few months or years can do.

Unfortunately, sometimes this isn’t your fault. Nutrition is a dense science, with tons of research and nitty-gritty details behind it. You can’t be expected to know those details on your own. That’s why we’re here to help ensure your proper diet and nutrition. From now on, you don’t need to go it alone – you can simply come to us for help.  Remember we have been through the same struggles as you. We know what you have been through and we understand your hesitation. We have figured it out and really want to help you. It’s a simple call to our office for a free consultation. With no obligation, you’ll get our undivided attention & your questions answered. We are here to see that you succeed.

Get Help Creating Meal Plans that Work for You

When you are ready to get started, first call and schedule a consultation.   We will show you all about the right meal plans for your body, we’re here to help.   Everybody has different individual lifestyles and goals, and so you’ll need help to design meal plans for a variety of situations. That way, you can walk confidently into any room or event and know exactly how you’re going to handle it. Ditto at home, where we’ll help you learn to shop and cook in a way that supports your body and your family.

Nutrient Dense Whole Food Diet Strategies

At Integrative Health Centers Of Charlottesville we understand that deciding what to eat or how to fit it into your busy lifestyle is not as easy as it sounds. Nutrient Dense Whole food eating should be easy and full of flavor to make your weight loss safe, natural & life-long health transformation.  Dr. Childers’ team offers multiple resources to measure & monitor their patient’s progress and makes adjustments if necessary. This ensures you safely, efficiently and regularly hitting the health & weight loss goals.

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