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Why Choose Integrative Health Center of Charlottesville?

If you’re reading this page its likely you know how defeating it can be to lose the same 20-30 lbs over & over again. Trying nearly everything on the market to exercises every day of the week with no lasting results. Losing weight becomes a daily thought, to every time you put food in your mouth. Its overwhelming like being shackled by the chains of shame, discouragement, and defeat with no real help anywhere to be found. We know exactly how that feels because we’ve been there & done that many times over the past 3 decades. Until now!

Obesity is an American epidemic and Charlottesville; Harrisonburg & surrounding areas are no different. So many people in our community are overweight, struggling, and looking for guidance & support. We can all see the obvious struggle, with the rise of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and depression, among the seemingly endless ever-growing list. We wanted to be set free from all the self sabotage, ill feelings, low self-esteem, very low energy, and frustrations that come along with being overweight and unhealthy?
Integrative Health Weight Loss Center can help you.


Here’s the thing, and I want to be upfront and very straight forward, not holding anything back or hiding a single thing. Integrative Health Center & Weight Loss Program is a one-of-a-kind, safe, evidence-driven, clinically proven, time-tested, and doctor supervised. I.H.C. is NOT another fad diet and you certainly CANNOT find it or purchase any one part of it on the web. This is the MOST effective, comprehensive, completely personalized, doctor supervised, and guaranteed program in the world today and this is NOT your typical “HCG-type” diet. This program has no drugs, No Surgeries, No Injections. It is 100% Natural and Safe.

Many people are hustled and taken advantage of in today’s market for weight-loss solutions, being told that any potion or pill is safe, but it is not. We know we’ve done them all. Integrative Health Center has been able to help countless people from all over Charlottesville to Richmond and Harrisonburg achieve not only remarkable weight loss but incredible health breakthroughs too.

The reason we offer FREE NO-Obligation Consultations is for there to be no barrier for you to find out the truth about why so many people struggle to lose weight AND KEEP IT OFF. We sit down with each person one-one-one and go through your health & medical history because it is well known that medications SLOW YOR METABOLISM and many even CAUSE FAT STORAGE. Every aspect of the Integrative Health Center program is totally customized to each patient, including which foods the patient needs to reach optimal healing changes, fast, real, lasting results.

The Integrative Weight Loss program is an incredible program that is able to use a cutting-edge technology that only a certified IHC Doctor or Technician can use. Once a person is assessed, we are able to use this powerful, life-changing technology to achieve real results. This is why so many hundreds upon hundreds of people have become so excited and have shared their stories where they have in fact lose up to a pound of fat per day while reclaiming their much needed wonderful health.

Dr. Charles Francis

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