Written Testimonials

“This is an amazing program”

The success and support that I have received from everyone in your office is unbelievable!!!! From my first visit | knew this venture was going to work. If I had any questions or doubts, they were quickly handled and if I just needed to talk or get reassurance, it was readily available. On one visit I was having a very rough time staying on track (more mentally than anything else) and after talking to the counselor, she suggested a telephone conference with Wendy and then proceeded to set it up. Wendy called me a few days later and helped me see things more clearly. This is an amazing program and I am thankful every day that I came to your office. 

Barbara F.

"…made a huge difference in my life"

I have never felt better (or looked better) than I have before getting on board with this program! It has taught me how to nourish my body and soul as well as be mindful and thankful for how much natural and healthy foods, plus the right kind of hydration, can change ones life. Thanks to the doctors and all the staff. You have made a huge difference in my life. 

Lisa R.

"…good suggestions from her own experience"

Crystal and company at the front desk are very helpful and always meet clients with a smile. I appreciate the appointments with Dr. Childers as she takes the time to talk about any aspect of this experience and offers good suggestions from her own experience as a client. 

Nancy R.

"It truly works & is easy to follow"

I am a new person thanks to the Integrative Health Center Weight loss program and wonderful team. I embarked on a 4-month journey with them to reach a healthy weight to feel better and be healthier for myself and my family. I was given the tools and guidance for eating healthier for the rest of my life. I cannot thank the Doctors and the team enough -this program works!! It truly works and is easy to follow.

Tricia B.

"I lost more weight than I was told I would lose"

I have actually enjoyed this program. It was easier than I thought it would be and I lost more weight than I was told I would lose! When I go off of it for vacation trips I can't wait to get back on it because it makes me feel better plus I crave the foods on the program. Thanks, and I look forward to keeping it off with you all

Michelle R.

"…it’s always extremely pleasant"

I first came to Integrative Health Center of Charlottesville about 3 years ago and was thrilled to lose the weight I needed to lose! I not only succeeded by following their program, but through learning so much about food and mental attitude etc. so that I can keep myself "in check". 

Even since reaching my goal, I have maintained an ongoing relationship through occasional emails and phone calls, the weekly conference calls and mostly through seeing Crystal and the other people who are "at and about" the front desk every week when I come to get alkaline water. 

I LOVE coming into the office! Everyone is so friendly and always very reinforcing... They are also knowledgeable about the program and any supplements I might want from time to time. They keep me informed of anything new happening or what might be coming soon. It's always an extremely pleasant few minutes that I get to spend in the office and, after all this time, the whole group has become like a second family I look forward to visiting for a while each week. 

Nora S.

“...the most incredible impact on my life"

I was literally transformed into the person that I've always known I could be by using the weight loss plan at IHC of Charlottesville. This was a huge challenge for me, and it changed my life. It was a life change to not turn to bad choices regarding food. I had a lot of struggles walking past certain isles in stores that I knew would be tempting. However, the entire plan was something that became attainable for me based on the philosophy and support from the doctors & staff at the office gave me. The entire staff is positive, supportive, and kind. They had one of the most incredible impacts on my life with regards to how they spoke to me, and how I was able to take what I learned and integrate it into my life. This entire program just sets you up for success and continues to do so. I can't say enough. Thank you, 

Che S. 

"It was almost too easy"

I was skeptical but desperate to make a change. Your team is welcoming and non-judgmental, and understands the processes needed to be successful. It was almost too easy!  I can't thank them enough for supporting me through the first stages (30 pounds) and now getting me back on track to reach my goal. 

Lee W. 

"always helpful & friendly"

The doctors and all the staff at the office have always been helpful and friendly. They have responded quickly every time I have contacted them. The diet is not hard to follow and I was excited at how fast the weight came off. I have diabetes and was able to stop one of my meds.

Donna C.

"I recommend this totally"

I've struggled with my weight for years. I have fibromyalgia and my energy was zapped after a busy day at work. Then on days off my body was trying to recover. I have asthma and the weight was causing me to get short of breath. I've only been in the program since the middle of November but I've already loss 21 pounds and my BMI went down from 41 to 38. It's been so easy and I don't miss my diet Dr Pepper or sweet ice tea or sweets of any kind. I recommend this totally.

Tammy B.

"Everyone is fabulous…"

The weight loss plan at Integrative Weight Loss is wonderful. It works, it's healthy, but what takes it to the next level is the attention you receive from him and his amazing staff. I have never been to the office when I was not warmly welcomed, appreciated and guided in my progress. Everyone is fabulous but I've had longer connections with Crystal and Kaitlyn. They are perfect for their positions. I look forward to seeing them each visit.

Every business should have such personal, genuine customer service. I can it recommend them highly enough!

Mary L.

"…no more statins required..."

I've lost 42 lbs from August 4 to October 25 my 53rd birthday and I'm still 42 lbs lighter and healthier. I had a medical follow up and blessed to say no Statin required for bad cholesterol. I will not go backwards again!!! Thank You I.H.C. doctors & staff!!

Tonya L.

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