MORE Than Just a Weight-Loss Program


At Integrative Health Centers of Charlottesville our dedicated team of registered dieticians, doctors and health coaches will not only help you lose the unwanted fat while keeping or gaining muscle!.  Some people lose up to one pound of fat per day!  Once you hit your goal we are going to show you how to keep it off for good 😊

In addition to losing massive weight, our patients report feeling less stress, better sleep, more energy, improved libido and fewer body aches & pains.  Many patients get off of, or reduce, their medications with the help of the primary physician. Some of the ways we help improve your long-term health in addition to weight loss include:

Gut Health – Good gut health leads to an improved immune system, mental health, energy, and better skin conditions.  We will help you with your dietary habits to improve your gut health better to enhance how you feel daily. By reducing gut irritation & the inflammatory reactions to many of the foods when you eat, you will heal your gut, decrease the bloated feeling, and feel great eating foods you love.

pH Balance – Your body chemistry & body pH is one of the most overlooked causes of weight loss resistance & disease overall. Your pH balance is the level of acids versus bases in your entire body. At Integrative Weight Loss & Health Center of Charlottesville we will introduce you to our proprietary supplements as well as dietary changes to correct the ratio of these two factors allowing your body to function at its best by maintaining a healthy pH balance.

Hormone Balance – Hormone imbalances affect every aspect of your health, like your mood, your appetite but especially weight loss.  Integrative Weight Loss Center will explain how we support the organs and tissues that will ultimately get your hormones back to when you were in your 20’s & 30’s naturally, without those potentially harmful hormone replacement therapies. 

Follow Up Appointments – Along your weight loss journey your highly skilled team meets with you (usually on a monthly basis) checking in, coaching, mentoring and challenging you to keep you on track to your health & weight loss goals.  Sometimes adjustments are needed along the way, to ensure that you are reaching your weight loss goal & healing your body naturally. We do all of this to ensure you are ultimately keeping the weight off so that your custom IHC Weight Loss plan becomes not just a diet, but a health transformation.

Our 100% Commitment - We know you’ll fall in love with our wonderful team as much as you will our program especially when you see its fast results.   The team is here to support you in whatever way needed and possible. We want you to succeed for LIFE. Call us now and ask to schedule your complimentary consultation & get started today, why wait to feel good in your skin again!?  Uncovering your best you!

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